Here at Getster we take pride in our solutions! We engage & help you with your online venture in every single way. Having worked with over 250 businesses we really know how to implement and perform revolutionary ways to improve your online presence. 

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"Advanced Content management system"

Although we pride ourselves massively on our technology, We also don’t like to bore anyone with any irrelevant technological speech! From having an easy to use customer ordering website & app, to a fully featured business management app where any stock can be updated instantly. We really have thought about almost anything when it comes to usability.

Founded in September 2019 as a massive project which is still being worked on more day by day, The Covid-19 Pandemic rushed us into releasing our innovative Online Ordering Solution early in March 2020. Today in December 2020 we have over 250 different shops using our system across the UK! From takeaways to newsagents and even to charity shops.



We are true leaders in ordering technology, We have been setting up shops with there own website ordering for over 5 years now! In fact, we have set up over 500 shops with there very own website and 2020 was the time for us to release our own app-based ordering system!

YouTube Support Channel

We have our very own channel which has all the help you'll need to Getster started with us if you are using our DIY solution this will help massively! *NOTE* We need 100 subscribers to post longer than 15-minute videos so please click the photo above and subscribe so we can continue to support our clients more professionally and less of the scramming information overloads into 15- minute videos.

Marketing Material

We send FREE marketing material for your shop to use weekly! Each industry we serve gets there own branded one, Above was for grocery stores to promote local and fresh ordering online!

Happy Customers, Happy Businesses!


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“My customers are now super happy with how I take there orders as a small corner shop! We approached Getster and well long story short, I’m the busiest shop in my town because they can easily order my items for quick click & collect or even delivered to there door! “

Dennis Burke
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“Generally don’t think I’d have been able to manage the amount of orders my shop was doing in a lockdown world without Getster”

Mark Adams
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” Quick Delivery and Food was as hot as it would have been at the restaurant! Well done from a very happy customer that has been let down a lot by the likes of other company’s “

Carol Greene
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” Easy Click & Collect from my local bargain booze without having to queue outside the door, So happy days. “

Tom Galler

All Plans with necessity features!

We strive in providing a system that not only has all the features a business could need, But also features that aren’t restricted to higher plans to make you pay us more for what you want! We only restrict features on plans if it generally costs us more time or money. Here’s what comes with EVERY PLAN…


£10 a month!

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