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About Getster

We are experts & professionals in not only our field but also yours as well! We have staff that have owned takeaways & even corner stores, We really are a true helper to small- medium businesses. Our online ordering solution means a lot to us as we come from and are passionate about the industry we are in.

Our founder even does delivery’s to this day as every day is a learning day in our field, We like to fully engage and relate to anyone who is dedicated to the delivering of food and items industry! We truly believe that anything and everything should be able to be at your door in 30-45 Minutes! 

At Getster we don’t just want to shape our sector more but we also want to influence into how we approach our safe & secure delivery methods. We have been investing heavily into a way of transport that’s cheap, fast enough for towns the UK has and most importantly safe. Not only are we investing in transport but new features get added to our website & apps weekly! We are true believers of learning and improving on everything we and others do around us.

As said we are really passionate about what we do and are over the moon to help any shop that wants to start offering a collection & delivery.

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Why Choose Us

Along with our commitment to ensuring you are successful online we take pride in fully knowing your industry! We like to get involved with helping you succeed in all things from presence to marketing.

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Eco Friendly

From Eco-Friendly servers to our electric bike delivery’s, We care about our environment as well!

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Innovative Ordering

Our innovative ordering solution has a vast amount of features to keep your business running smoothly!

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24/7 Human Support!

No pre written messages, Just simple 24/7 live human support via Phone & WhatsApp Message!

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Our aim from the moment we start adding your menu/ items to our system, Is to set you apart from the rest! 

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